About us

The year was 1990 and Reef Keeping was in its infancy. Coral and Invertebrates were few, hard to get and expensive. The Equipment available was lacking in many ways. So Two guys from Connecticut had a brilliant idea, open a store and start importing directly from Indonesia. It was an instant success story, so why not take it further and begin manufacturing equipment for the hobby. UltraLife Reef Products was born. Over the years many things have changed, the store was sold, various products have come and gone, the hobby keeps growing and growing. Many new species of coral are now available that never were before, which require new and high-tech equipment to sustain them. We at Ultralife decided to concentrate on finding solutions to common issues that reef keepers often encounter, such as RED SLIME or maybe BLUE-GREEN SLIME. How do you catch that Mantis shrimp? ZAP, just got shocked by stray voltage, now what? Worms taking over your reef? How about an Affordable but very effective ozonizer? An ATO that can handle up to 10Amps. Tired of those Water Changes? We have all the Solutions for your Success in the hobby. Every product has been developed, tested and used by us so that we can answer any question that arises regarding the products. A product that cannot meet our standards never reaches our customers. Any questions email us or call we are happy to help. So buy from the ones that know and have been manufacturing innovative, high-quality products for aquariums, ponds, and terrariums for over 25 years, and experience the difference.